Are You Blue? Seasonal Affective Disorder…What Is It? How To Treat it?

With the arrival of winter comes the much hyped cold and flu season, but also another less discussed condition called seasonal affective disorder, appropriately acronymed SAD. Nearly everyone has days when the chilly, cloudy weather gets them down, or they get a little lethargic or

Probiotics and Your Health

  Probiotics are the naturally occurring “good” bacteria that live in your gut and play a significant role in your total wellness. When you’re healthy, your intestinal tract hosts over 5 pounds or 100 trillion friendly bacteria. (That’s 10 times more than the number of

The Importance of Vitamin D

Have you had your vitamin D level tested lately? After a long winter spent indoors, we suggest you come see us! One of the most common prescriptions we write at Enhanced Medical Care is for high dose ergocalciferol, which is the scientific name for vitamin

Natural Ways to Prevent the Flu

Flu season is upon us and even if you have protected yourself from infection by getting your flu shot, you may want to take extra precautions to ensure a healthy cold and flu season this winter. Adding these natural ways to prevent the flu into your

Tips for Healthy Fun in the Sun

One of the great joys of summer is taking a little time for some fun in the sun. Your concierge doctor’s office hopes that you are enjoying the warm rays with safety in mind. Make sure you’re not getting too much of a good thing! Avoid consequences of overexposure like sunburns, premature aging of the skin, wrinkling, and skin cancer by practicing proper sun protection. While using sunscreen daily is a prudent first step, there is more to know about staying safe and healthy when you’re out in the sun.