Our Practice Development Manager - Hannah Kitzmiller

Hannah Kitzmiller

Practice Development Manager

Hannah began at Enhanced Medical Care in 2011 as a premedical student looking for an in depth experience in the world of healthcare. Her enthusiasm for improving patient experience soon drove her career focus away from the clinical setting and towards administration and management. Now as Enhanced Medical Care’s Practice Development Manager, Hannah is helping to build our small concierge practice with our trademark personal touch while also overseeing systems to uphold our patient’s health and satisfaction. Hannah also helps to facilitate the Wellness Program through research, patient education, and lifestyle consultations.

Hannah’s previous studies in neuropsychology and neurobiology fostered a deep interest biology and health, and her love for science carries on in her role at Enhanced Medical Care. She assists Dr. Costa and Marilyn in thinking of out of the box ways to improve patient care and enhance our efforts in promoting our patient’s wellness.

Hannah enjoys travel and is always up for an adventure. She also loves to make a healthy meal delicious and enjoys feeding her family and friends the food she prepares with a side dish of nutritional education.

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  • Boston College


  • Nationally Registered EMT