Concierge Medicine for Boston, Weston, Sudbury & Beyond

The annual membership fee varies depending on your individual circumstances and needs. We do offer discounts for families and corporate accounts. Please call our office for more details at 617-777-4080.


Our annual fee gives you access to an unsurpassed level of quality care and an unwavering commitment to meeting your individual health needs. Please see our Benefits of Membership (link to that page).

The benefits of being a member of our practice reach much further than an annual physical exam. We stay in front of our patients managing their healthcare needs. We are not only focused on helping our patients when they are sick because we want to be an active part of keeping them well. We coordinate and advocate for our patients’ medical care no matter where they may be.


Dr. Costa can take on any patient aged 16 years and older. We have patients who live all across the world and from all backgrounds of life. We believe that a personal connection with our patients is the best way to facilitate the quality care. Come in for a complimentary visit to see if membership is a fit for you.

Yes, you will still need your health insurance to cover visits to my office, specialists, hospitals, diagnostic tests, and other essential healthcare services. Although the annual fee for my services is not covered by insurance, many people have found that membership fees are reimbursable under their company’s medical reimbursement, Health Savings Account, or Flexible Spending Account.

Our unique home office setting is equipped to perform a battery of diagnostic tests and procedures (see our office capabilities here), but imaging and more complex procedures occur at outside facilities. We will assist you in scheduling and streamlining these appointments at a facility most convenient for you.

Dr. Costa is a primary care physician, but has completed a fellowship in both Hypertension and Nephrology deeming him a Blood Pressure Specialist as well.


Yes, we are. That’s part of what your membership covers. You can even arrange a house call or have Dr. Costa can also visit you at your office if you cannot make it to ours.


We aim to preserve your convenience and precious time, therefore by using modern technologies for communication we can have you bypass an office visit whether you are down the block or overseas. We use email, text, video conferencing and more to provide you medical care and coordination no matter the distance.


Dial 911 and then call Dr. Costa’s cell phone number immediately. We can provide important personal information from our records that will be helpful to your emergency medical staff. We will also be able to schedule follow-up visits, or attend in person to assist in developing a plan of treatment.


Yes, but you are still covered. Dr. Costa plans on four weeks of vacation during the year, but will always give you advance written/email notice of my plans and dates. During that time, he will be available for telephone consultations but not face-to-face visits. A distinguished colleague and fellow membership practice physician covers our practice when Dr. Costa is on vacation. Our office is still staffed and can always be your first call for routine matters.


We coordinate streamlined arrangements with the finest doctors in any field. We have a vast network of vetted specialists after our decades experience in healthcare, but ultimately the specialist is driven by the patients’ choice. Of course, Dr. Costa will always participate in important consultations with specialists to help you understand and make wise health care decisions.


No problem. You may terminate your relationship with Enhanced Medical Care for any reason. You will receive your prorated refund (minus a $250 administration fee) within 30 days of the date after receiving written notice of termination.