Marilyn J. Chown, RN, BSN, MPH

Wellness Program Director, Founder and Owner of Enhanced Wellness Care

Combining a background and vast knowledge of epidemiology, nursing, conventional and integrative medicine, Marilyn takes an integrative approach to treating the specific needs of each patient. She takes a creative approach to solving individualized health issues and is on the cutting edge in preventive medicine research, making her uniquely qualified to help her patients. Marilyn’s brand of personalized care means no rushed visits; what’s important to her patients is important to her. Acting as an advocate for each patient, she ensures the best care and patient experience without the usual delays of institutionalized medical care. Her consulting practice guides clients toward optimal health through manageable lifestyle changes.

Marilyn has published both nationally and abroad with esteemed organizations as the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, National Institute on Aging, National Cancer Institute, Oxford University, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is the World Health Organization’s leading source of information on cancer research. Before joining Enhanced Medical Care, she worked for fourteen years as a biostatistician and epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital publishing research in medical journals such as New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of the American Medical Association. Her research has changed how physicians practice medicine. C-Reactive Protein (CRP), the benefits of Vitamin D on reducing cancer, and daily baby aspirin are a few of her research topics.

Marilyn stays active as a fitness educator at Boston University. When she gets a free moment, Marilyn enjoys spending time with her family and dog, preferably outside and in nature.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Salve Regina University Newport RI 1978
  • Master of Public Health Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Boston University 1987


  • Nursing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island


  • ACSM certified Group Exercise Instructor


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A Message From Marilyn

“I like to speak to things that people haven’t heard so much of, and they can use that in their arsenal to gain better health. It’s not one-dimensional – there are so many different things beyond exercise and beyond eating vegetables to help us get better health, lose weight, feel better.”

~ Marilyn J. Chown, RN, BSN, MPH


“Marilyn has done more for my physical and mental health over the years than any drug, meditation or herbal remedy there is. I trust her completely and truly appreciate her passion, knowledge and capacity for caring. I often feel like the only patient she has! I’d highly recommend her to anyone that believes in investing in their well-being.”

~ T. K., Boston, MA