Project Description

The article “The Race to a $100 Genome” on CNN Money posted June 25, 2013 talks about the economics behind human genome sequencing. Dr. Costa was quoted about how genetic testing gives him a better understanding of a patient’s health which in turn assists him in teaching them about lifestyle medicine and prevention.

“Mark Costa has a higher-than-average risk of stomach cancer, a lower-than-average risk for Alzheimer’s, and he metabolizes caffeine very slowly. “Now I don’t wonder why I can’t sleep if I have coffee at 2 p.m.,” he says.

Afternoon jitters, though, were not the reason Costa, a primary care physician, decided to have his DNA sequenced last year. He wanted to find out if he was predisposed to certain illnesses and see if the test he took — priced at just $99 — might be useful for his patients.”

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