Project Description

The 23andMe Blog post on July 8, 2013 called “Planning for Wellness with 23andMe” told the story of Enhanced Medical Care and our focus on our patients’ wellness. One of the tools Enhanced Medical Care utilizes in optimizing our patients’ health is the genetic test offered by 23andMe.

Read an excerpt from the article below:

“Instead of a stacked patient-load that left them rushing from one case to another, their concierge practice limited the number of people they treated. This gave the couple time to tailor wellness plans for the people they treated.”

“It’s a little bit more of the old family doctor routine,” Dr. Costa said.

“With each patient, he and his wife delve into their medical chart; they look through their charts and even the person’s home and work life. Although family medical history is considered a cornerstone, Dr. Costa said most people don’t remember those details well. Many patients can’t give him accurate information about their family medical history, he said.’

“It’s often extremely vague or misleading,” Dr. Costa said.

“So at some point, his wife suggested looking at getting genetic tests done as a way to fill in the gap.”

“There is a lot of evidence that, interpreted correctly, genetic testing can be extremely powerful,” he said. “Traditional medicine is very reactive. You come in with symptoms, a diagnosis is made, and treatment is made. With genetic testing, you can be more proactive. You can pick up diseases earlier and you might be able to prevent them.”

“He and his wife have started incorporating the test into their practice and they’ve already seen a handful of patients benefit from the test.”

Read the rest of the post here and learn more about the genetic testing here!