Deep in the heart of Boston there is a public park that was established in 1634 called the Boston Common. Most locals refer to it as “The Common” since it is so well known to all. It consists of 50 acres and has been in the National Register of Historic Places since 1972 along with the Boston Public Garden. It is known as the oldest public city park in the US. Here are some of the events and happenings at The Common.

Great Ways To Experience The Common

One of the most favorite ways that people like to see The Common is with a walking tour. There are several that you can find by searching online each with its own focus, length, and duration. The best known is the Downtown Boston Freedom Trail Walking Tour. This great tour is an American History based tour that explores Boston’s unique place in the history of the nation.

This tour takes a meandering walk through some of Boston’s oldest architecture and discusses places that were directly involve in the American Revolution. The guides are professional and very knowledgeable in all parts of the city and its rich history.

The other best way to see The Common is to get on the Hop-On, Hop-Off Trolley car. This is a different type of ride that allows you to pay for a certain length of time on the car and then get off to view anything you want and then hop on the next passing car until your pass wears out.

It’s really good for shopping, hitting the pubs, exploring old historic sites and other places since you can stay longer where you’d like and just get on the next passing trolley car.

Visitors Give The Common High Marks

Of course, The Common is a highly visited park due to its place in history and since it’s a large green space in the center of Boston. Most reviewers online are amazed at the greenery and beauty of the park even in the cold of winter.

There is outdoor ice skating in the coldest months at Frog Pond that brings out thousands of onlookers, especially during the pre-Christmas weeks. Then, there are decorations, displays, carolers, and Santa sightings throughout the park.

Different seasons bring different events including the Shakespeare on the Common plays, outdoor operas performed by the Boston Lyric Opera, the Freedom Rally by the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Group, and the annual fireworks display on New Years Eve.

The Boston Common is a must see historical place that still has a certain magical spell for those that come often. If you’re just visiting, it’s well worth the time to spend an afternoon there, even if all you do is feed the pigeons.