I was born and raised in Boston, yet I can honestly say that I have only been to Quincy Market once in my life. It was when I was in high school. We went to see the ice sculptures that sit in the area around the holidays and we walked through there in order to warm up a little. Other than that, the thought of going there never really crosses my mind.

The funny thing about Quincy Market is the fact that it is totally different from Faneuil Hall. Some people believe that they are on in the same, but they are certainly not. While they are located in the same area, they have their own features and personalities.

When I think about Faneuil Hall, I have thoughts about all of the events that are held in the main building. For instance, when I was in grade school people travel by Boston, Massachusetts to see the citywide spelling bee finalists compete (I was a contestant once). I also know that this was the place where my college graduation was held about a decade ago. being down there did not make me think about Quincy Market at all.

Several years ago, I watched an episode of “$40 a Day” on the Food Network where she visited Boston and was in search of culinary delights. She ended up eating from one of the places in Quincy Market. I remember thinking that this was absolutely ridiculous since no one I know ever goes down there. It is almost like the only people who frequent there are tourists and people who work in the area and have short lunch breaks.

Faneuil Hall is another place that people mention here and there, yet I do not focus on it so much. Now that I am thinking about it, I should probably take more pride in a place that has a lot of history. It should not only be seen and enjoyed by those who are from other places.

I have to go to Haymarket soon in order to get a replacement ID. I think that I will head over to Quincy Market that day in order to have lunch. Hopefully, I will be able to find something good enough to warrant future visits. If not, I suppose I will continue living in the area while acting like this place does not even exist.