This town is not the largest city in the country, but there are many celebrities that are from around Boston, Massachusetts. Even though many of them have moved on and currently call another place home, this is the place where it all began. Here are 5 famous people who were born and/or raised in this area.

1. Bobby Brown

This singer was born and raised in the city of Boston. In fact, this is where he met a few friends and they formed the famous music group New Edition. While he has since moved on, gotten married more than once and had several children, he proudly mentions this city when he is asked where he is from.

2. Mark Wahlberg

The actor and singer, who formerly went by the name Marky Mark, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts with his nine siblings, which include former New Kids On The Block Member Donnie Wahlberg. While he currently resides on the opposite coast in Los Angeles, California, he used to call the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester home.

3. Ben Affleck

Actor Ben Affleck, whose brother Casey is also a famed actor, was born in California, but he spent his high school years in the city of Cambridge, which is just outside of Boston. While he moved on from the area and married actress Jennifer Garner, this is the place where he began acting in local productions and decided that this was a career path that he wanted to pursue.

4. Al B. Sure

The singer, who was a huge hit the 1990s always mentions Mount Vernon, New York when asked where he is from, so many do not realize that he was actually born in the city of Boston. While many people have not given him much thought since decades ago, he actually released his last studio album in 2009.

5. Marcia Cross

The star of Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives was born and raised in Marlborough, Massachusetts, which is about 30 miles from Boston. She left the area in 1980 after receiving a partial scholarship to Juilliard.

With a population of over 600,000 it should not be surprising that some of your favorite celebrities are from Boston. While there are not the only ones who were from there, you were just offered a glimpse of the type of talent that was grown there. If you are from that area, you should certainly feel proud.