Boston, Massachusetts is a city steeped in history and iconic landmarks, and though you wouldn’t think it, it can also provide hours of entertainment for families with young kids. It isn’t easy to travel with little ones, Boston, Massachusetts area is a city big enough to offer numerous activities that the young and young-at-heart alike can enjoy. Below, you will find the top 4 things to keep the entire family entertained!

The Boston Children’s Museum

Considered one of the oldest museums of its kind and credited for pioneering children’s museums worldwide, this architectural masterpiece was built in 1913. Since its inception, the museum is constantly adding activities and learning space that offer cutting edge innovation such as the New Balance Climb that features a two-story maze for kids. Among its activities, the museum also hopes to educate families about other cultures, and one such fine example is the walk-in Japanese House straight from Kyoto!

The Franklin Park Zoo

Get acquainted with exotic animals that roam a 72-acre zoo known as the Franklin Park Zoo. The Kalahari Kingdom and Giraffe Savana show African animals roaming in their natural habitats. The aviary provides hands-on experience with friendly budgies that are trained to land on your hands along with butterflies that flutter around in an enclosed tent. A carousel ride and themed playground provide the perfect finish to a family oriented outing.

Castle Island Beach

Boston is home to miles of sandy beaches, and if the weather permits, the beaches of Castle Island are located south of Logan Airport. The outing can start with a tour of the historic Fort Independence which dates back to our Colonial days. Boston’s fine sandy beaches are perfect for taking a walk, playing frisbee or kite flying, and relaxing. If you’re looking for a full adventure, there’s a ferry ride that can take you to see one of the 34 islands in Boston Harbor.

The New England Aquarium

The fantastic creatures on exhibit are the best of marine life, and families can view sharks, penguins, exotic fish, and sea turtles up close. The Giant Ocean Tank is not only four stories high, but offers an intimate look at the Caribbean coral reef. In addition, the aquarium offers a touch tank where kids can hold sea stars and small hermit crabs.

Boston, Massachusetts is home to the Boston Tea Party and dates back to our Colonial days. Steeped in history and modern development, the city offers a mixture of activities for adults and kids alike!