Visiting one of the nation’s most famous cities might be something you do for a vacation, to see relatives, or for a work conference. Regardless of why you wind up here, it’s a chance to check out stores that you might not have back home. Keep reading for tips you can use for the best shoe shopping in Boston MA!

Always try on shoes like you’d intend to wear them. For example, if you are looking for running shoes near Boston, Massachusetts and know you’ll be wearing socks with them, then you should wear socks when you try them on. On the other hand, if you’re looking for heels, slippers, or sandals, then take your socks off, since you don’t want to get something that would fit with socks and then be too big later.

Prioritize comfort over style, fashion, and price. Your shoes will impact your feet, and in turn, they will affect your posture and a lot more about your body. If your shoes aren’t comfortable, then they might hurt your feet. Pick shoes that fit really well in order to avoid having future problems ranging from smashed toes and aching ankles all the way up to back pain.

Learn what your arches are like before you shop for shoes, especially athletic shoes. Wet the bottom of one of your feet before stepping onto a white sheet of paper. The dry and wet portions of that paper will tell you what kind of arch you have. A nearly or totally solid wet footprint indicates a flat arch. However, if the middle is barely visible or can’t be seen at all, then you more than likely have a high arch instead. This can prove quite useful if you’re looking for a comfortable fitting shoe.

If your shoes don’t feel comfortable, don’t convince yourself that you can just break them in. They should fit well the minute you put them on. Walk a bit in them to be sure, because while most shoes will stretch to form to your feet, some never will. That could mean foot pain every time you put them on, up until the point you decide to stop wearing them.

Try to build a shoe collection which lets you have a variety for matching your various outfits. If you need something for an event in Boston during your time here, keep that in mind. Also, if you see more shoes you like, feel free to go ahead and get them all. If you want to avoid luggage fees when flying home, just toss them all in a box and mail them to yourself before you leave.