One of the best things about Boston, Massachusetts is that there is always something to do. This bustling city offers a wide range of activities throughout the year, many of which occur on an annual basis. Whether you live in the city or are just visiting, the section below highlights three annual events in Boston that are worth attending

The Boston Marathon

If there is one event that this New England city is famous for it is the Boston Marathon. This event, which has been held on Patriots’ Day every year since 1897, draws in over 30,000 runners and more than half a million spectators. The 26 mile-long course starts in Hopkinton and ends in Copley Square. Whether you want to run in the marathon yourself or simply watch the activities, it is a fun event for everyone involved.

The Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

For 43 years, science fiction fans have been getting together for an annual film festival in Boston. This festival, which runs for 10 days, features more than 100 science fiction films and shorts from every part of the globe. The last day of the event, which is held on Presidents’ Day weekend, includes a 24-hour film marathon. This fun and interesting event is a great way to celebrate your love of science fiction.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Each year, a special parade is held in the streets of Boston to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The annual event takes place on whichever Sunday falls closest to the official day of the holiday. Held in South Boston, the parade features marching bands, bagpipe players, brightly colored floats, and more. Hundreds of thousands of people watch the event, making it one of the bigger activities in the Boston area. If you plan on attending the parade, be sure to dress warmly. Temperatures in March are still quite cold in the northeastern part of the country.

Although there are a lot of other annual events held in the Boston area, these are three of the most popular. Even though Boston is a big city, events like these do an excellent job of creating a sense of community. When visitors and residents alike come together to celebrate, it creates a fun and fascinating culture that is unique to the Boston area. It is this culture that makes the city such a great place to live and such a wonderful location to visit.