If you’ve been planning a trip to the Boston Public Garden, there are a variety of attractions that are unique to this specific park. While there are also beautiful plants and attractive foliage, like you can find in any other botanical garden, there are unique statues and exhibits, as well. In addition, this garden was the first public botanical garden in the United States, and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department still grows all of their own bedding plants, providing it with a special charm that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

When you visit the Boston Public Garden, be sure to think about the following options:

Make Way for Ducklings

The classic children’s book by the same title is set in Boston, with a large part of the plot taking place in the Boston Public Garden. A mama duck escorts her family of ducklings through the city, with the help of the local police, who clear the way for them in this clever tale. These bronze statues are a whimsical feature of the park that are beloved by many, showcasing the family of ducks that many Americans grew up loving.

Float on a Swan Boat

Visitors to the park can also enjoy floating on an attractive boat shaped like a swan, having an afternoon on the pond with their friends or family members. These slow boat rides are a great way to get out and enjoy the spring or summer sunshine, while also making a great photo opportunity. If you enjoy spending time on the water, but don’t want the hassle of piloting a large or small craft on your own, a Swan boat may be an excellent way to spend a lazy afternoon on the water.

Get Married in the Garden

Individuals who fall in love with the beauty and charm of the public garden may find that they’d like to plan a wedding ceremony there. The park allows visitors to arrange outdoor weddings on the grounds, although it’s preferable that they have a backup plan in case of rain, as with any outdoor wedding ceremony. The park makes a lovely backdrop for a spring, summer, or fall wedding.

If you’re looking for something creative and fun to do while you’re in Boston area consider visiting the Boston Public Garden. There are numerous historic exhibits, as well as plants, trees, and flowers that you can enjoy while you’re there. The garden is also full of amazing photo opportunities.